Welcome to you all from Steampunk Confidential

This small part of the alt-universe is where Steampunk Confidential has established its magazine HQ. Our intention is to bring you, the discerning reader, all of the news, views and reviews we can muster from the ether and to distil it all into a fine concoction of Steampunk ephemera for your delectation. We aim to bring you the finest documentary coverage in music, fashion, fiction, lifestyle, inventions, research, art, fantasy, photography, culture and Moda.

Not only that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, but we also welcome and feature contributions from other creative, innovative and ground-breaking people around the world. We would delight in your cogged and tentacled stories of be-goggled events, performers, story-telling, emporia and market places from around the globe as well as the extravaganza of your own imaginarium in the production of all manner of corsets, clothing, hats and fashion accessories for the extravagant adventurer. Join us on the journey to the centre of everything.