About Steampunk Confidential

We are a broad church and whilst based in Great Britain we embrace our fellows from around the world. We are not a discriminatory magazine and so, be you Victorian Steampunk, Diesel Punk, Goth or in a tick box which says – other – a warm welcome. Similarly, we care not which part of the universe you hail from, be it our European neighbours of France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the colonies or the new world again a heartfelt welcome to you all.

Here in Great Britain our well established events can be found in the fine Victorian and Edwardian cities of Lincoln (Asylum), Leeds, Exeter, London town, Whitby and the workhouse at Llanfyllin (Phoenix) to name but a few. But we want to know more and greater things about your wonderful travels and adventures to events across the realm and oceans, be they modest or grandiose.